Zion Lutheran

Zion Lutheran Church of Hopkins, Minnesota

This blog contains media concerning Zion Lutheran Church of Hopkins, Mnnesota celebrating its 100th anniversary. The theme is ‘A Centennial in Christ’.

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September 27th videos!
A few video shorts of Sunday’s Celebration here!

Zion’s Hymn Fest
with David Cherwien

All 9 Songs !
Click here!

Time Capsule menu now with photos of
the 1950 Time Capsule and contents!

New ! You can now download the Zion Church history as a
(portable document file) click the PDF letters above to do this.

Most computers/devices are capable of reading this type of file. It contains text and photos the same as shown in the ‘History’ section of this website.

Cornerstone 1950 art

Zion’s cornerstone.

Zion Directory Cover

Zion street view fall 2014

Zion street view, fall 2014.

2001Chancel v2 sm

Chancel renovation finished 2001.

Zion’s official website is here. Click to go to that website.