Kent Engel restored 10 x 8 w text border

Kent Engel

1947 Ladies Adie

1947 Lutheran Ladies Aid



Lyle Betteman, Dick Yackel, Matt Kahn

1964 Confirmation Class

1964 Zion confirmation class with Pastor Sieving

Zion 4 pastors Mundinger Claussen Brill Kurth



Zion 1950 basement

1950 Fellowship hall

Zion 1950 Fireside room

1950 Fireside Room

Zion 1950 outside church

1950 Pastor Brill at new Zion building

Zion 1950 people outside

1950 Ready to see new building!

Zion Education Wing

1958 Education Wing

1950 dedication new empty church 1950 dedication sanctuary full 1950 Zion dedication Brill outside 1950 Zion dedication congreation entryway 1950 Zion dedication entry to new church 1950 Zion dedication pastor brill keys 1950 zion's dedication four pastors outside 1950 Zion's dedication procession





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