Time Capsule

Zion’s 1950 construction included a time capsule in the form of a copper box stored behind the cornerstone.


Zion 1950 Corner stone group

1950 Cornerstone at bottom right and time capsule box held by Gil Bakenberg.

Zion's time capsule box 8 x 10

This photo is formatted 8 X 10 inches. To download to computer(device), click once on the photo, then right click with mouse and select SAVE PICTURE AS… from the pop-up menu. Remember to choose the location on your computer so you know where it is going.

Cornerstone 1950 art


Zion's time capsule box

The time capsule was adorned with a copper patina. Patina, a usually green film formed naturally on copper and bronze by long exposure or artificially (as by acids) and often valued aesthetically for its color.

bible at bottom

The bible at the bottom of the copper box shows signs of deterioration. The time capsule was not moisture tight apparently.


Zions 1950 time capsule 1 ztc holy bible 2 ztc catechism 3 ztc book of prayer 4 ztc history of chruch 5 constitution 6 1949 yearbook 7 ztc baptized 8 ztc officers 9 ztc building comm 10 public official 11 ZTC LUTHERAN WITNESS 12 ztc publications 13 ztc suburban press 14 ztc Mpls Star 15 Cornerstone program 16 ztc bulletin 17 ztc list of contents 1950 member list

Zions 1950 time capsule

View the photos in a video


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