Zion’s 100th Celebration

Try this:




Rev. Brill v2

Zion’s Time Capsule(new) 2:40

Sunday Celebration Service 1 hour 30 min

The opening song 6:56

Sample: The Processional 9:08

Children’s Song 2:46

Hymn Fest was huge success!

Here’s links to a playlist and individual songs:

Playlist has all 9 songs in order:

Song 1- 5:31 minutes

Song 2- 6:22 minutes

Song 3- 11:08 minutes

Song 4- 5:03 minutes

Song 5- 4:46 minutes

Song 6- 4:42 minutes

Song 7- 10:57 minutes

Song 8- 5:25 minutes

Song 8- 4:22 minutes

Time Capsule opened after 65 years behind ‘Cornerstone’ !

Zion’s Tradition Service Music
for January 25 • 2015
100th Anniversary

Zion’s sanctuary windows with organ by Brice Petersen
& trumpets by Marty Hodel / Steve Kriesel

Prelude from Zion’s 100th Anniversary Service. Organ Brice Peterson

Here’s the whole song played by Kent Engel in 1976
on Zion’s then ‘new’ Van Daalen pipe organ!

Van Daalen organ v2

Zion’s pipe organ

How about a little drama?
Here’s a skit entitled Father Forgive Them

 The Gift

The Cross Carrier

The Good Son


Here’s a PDF file of the History of Zion available for viewing, download and or printing.

logo Version 3


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