Building photos

First Church Zion

The first Zion 1915

1915 Altar (2)

Altar 1915

Zion 1926

1925 Dedication at Zion of Hopkins


wold - 82014 1st church 26 v2

Zion Lutheran 1926 • Building enlarged at cost of $6,000

1935 Zion remodeling

1935 Altar marble upgrade

1936 Altar

1936 altar at Zion Lutheran


Zion 1950 Corner stone group

Setting the corner stone


Hopkin44 Zion

Zion Lutheran and parsonage.


Zion church 1950 exterior

Zion Lutheran Church 1950

Zion 1950 basement

1950 – New fellowship hall.

Zion 1950 Fireside room

1950 Fireside Room

Zion 1950 outside church

Pastor Brill stands on wood pallets, no sidewalk yet.



wold - 82014 inside 1950 church 1 v2

1950 Interior

wold - deadication 1950. diff 3 v2


Van Daalen Organ full v2 sm

Van Daalen pipe organ installed 1976


wold - 82014 chapel diff v2

Chapel Addition

wold - 82014 chapel v22sm

Education wing with chapel at Zion







1 thought on “Building photos

  1. I like the old pictures. The picture tagged 1950 which shows a full sanctuary is classic. You don’t see that in many Lutheran churches now days if any.


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