Stained Glass Booklet (Sept. 2016)

A full color booklet about Zion’s stained glass windows is nearing completion.

Sadly, the designer of the Windows, Caecilie Kelm, has passed away this August. Luckily, or perhaps as a result of Divine intervention, team member Carolyn Bachman was able  to connect with Caecilie this last year allowing us to learn more about the Windows and the designer’s thoughts about each window. A video has been made of this interview and is in the church library.

Disc image stained glass interview

Here’s a sample of the booklet:




Did you know that the creator / designer of Zion’s 16 stained glass windows has been interviewed at Zion in December, 2015? Yes, Caecilie Kelm was interviewed by Carolyn Bachman and Deb Wold. The video is on DVD explaining the symbolism found in each of the 16 windows. Thanks to Bruce Edwards for this production.

Caecilie Kelm 5 x 7 case cover Disc image stained glass interview

A Zion Stained Glass booklet is forthcoming and will include excerpts from this interview. Stay tuned…

Check out out the windows video with music from January 25 at Zion’s 100th Anniversary with Brice on the Van Daalen accompanied by two Trumpets.


zion 3 d sm2

Stained Glass montage by Bruce Edwards


Zion Stained Glass 7 x 4 120

The stained glass windows in the main sanctuary.


Offering Ourselves detail

OFFERING OURSELVES From a 2004 photograph, edited to remove shadows cast by exterior window and distortion caused by camera lens. This photo by Bruce Edwards was taken on the day that Pastor Neal was installed at Zion Lutheran Church.


Angel 3 panel transp

3 panels in the former choir loft near lecturn.

windows on canvas lores

14 of Zion’s stained glass on canvas! This 4 foot canvas is near Zion’s office. You can order one!

Post Cards may be available soon. What do you think?

Zion St Glass top left 4 up 6 x 4

Post Card 1 (Note: the photographs of these windows have been processed through photo filters that lightly simulate painting.



Zion St Glass bottom left 4 up 6 x 4 lores

Post Card 2


Zion St Glass 4 up TOP right 6 x 4 lores

Post Card 3


Zion St Glass 4 up BOTTOM right 6 x 4 lores

Post Card 4

Closeup of window detail.

Full res sample

Stained Glass Window Detail

Circle window

Don’t forget this one…

3D all with round sm

Stained glass window montage…




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